Refer a Friend and Receive $500 with Our Referral Program



If you know someone who may be interested in becoming a surrogate mother, refer them to us and you can receive $500!

How It Works:

  • Submit your friend’s information using the form provided
  • Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists will contact your referral to begin the process
  • Once referral is both medically & psychologically approved, she will continue through the matching phase to the contract phase
  • Once she signs a contract with her intended parents, you will receive $500. Payment will be made within two weeks of her signing the gestational surrogacy agreement

About Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists

Worldwide Surrogacy provides comprehensive surrogacy matching services, and legal advice and counseling. As a team of caring and knowledgeable professionals, we provide surrogates with exceptional guidance throughout their surrogacy journey, and inform and explain their rights and obligations before, during, and after pregnancy.

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