Posted by Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists on Jun 19, 2019 1:15:00 AM

Beth Anne Ferraro

Chief Operating Officer Email
“Helping build families is extremely rewarding. It really does feel amazing when we see the pictures come through of sonograms and when babies are born.”

Beth Anne leads administrative operations at Worldwide with skill, precision, and enthusiasm, ensuring that the Worldwide team consistently provides concierge-quality support services to Intended Parents.

For over a decade, Beth Anne has managed the staff, finances, and escrow for both Worldwide and The Ferrara Law Group. She leads the management and distribution of each escrow fund, ensuring payments are made on time based on each individual surrogacy contract.

Beth Anne has over 25 years of experience as an executive assistant and office manager. She holds a Bachelor’s in Management from Mercy College, and previously served as an Executive Assistant at both The Tuckerman Group and Pro-Holdings Group. Beth Anne joined the Worldwide Surrogacy team in 2007.