Posted by Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists on Jun 11, 2019 1:17:00 PM

Molly Corcoran

Surrogate Screening Coordinator

“Becoming a gestational carrier was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done in my life, and working with Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists, I get to feel like I’m a small part of helping someone complete their family every single day.

A former surrogate herself, Molly brings compassion, understanding, and insight to the initial stages of the application and screening process.

Molly is responsible for supporting the surrogate screening team by procuring, reviewing, and coordinating all required documentation from new surrogate applicants. She completed her first surrogacy journey during the summer of 2018 and delivered a healthy baby girl for a couple in Belgium. Molly’s experience allows her to give surrogates a more personal perspective on their journeys.

Molly’s experience during her surrogacy journey motivated her to join the Worldwide Surrogacy team in 2018. She found the journey to be so inspiring that she wanted to be a part of the process. Molly brings over 15 years of administrative experience to the Worldwide Surrogacy team, and previously worked for a local fertility office. She and her husband, Scott, are parents to three children: Ryleigh, Jillian, and Cameron.